GNSS Receiver

GNSS receiver with outstanding balance on size and performance.



130mm | 790g

Undoutedly, ROVA 1 might not be the smallest and lightest full-function rover in industry. We are not sticking to something meaninglessly light and small, but something the most ergonomically comfotatble to crab and manuever on hand.

Unlike other pocket receivers shielded with plastic housing, when you hold and lift ROVA 1, you can feel the unique cold sensation and gravity from the Magnesium alloy housing – the gravity that implies the finest mechanics and anti-interference capability.

Thanks to the SoC (System on Chip) technology, the next-generation mainboard Mk-803 now provides exceptional positioning performance in more challenging environments.



A unique algorithm by automatically picking 3 from 5 BeiDou frequencies which have the best conditions to realize incredibly fast and accurate fix.


When RTK or VRS signal sources are interrupted because of signal disruption or temporary disconnection with radio, ROVA 1 can still be backed up by seamless and accurate positioning via an unique algorithm for up to 5 minumtes, which enables our receiver to continue quality performance and accuracy.

RIMU 2.png

Rimu2.0 Technology enables the surveyor to measure dynamically with an estimated position and head if the receiver loses satellite connection or under poor condition of satellite signals (e.g. near tunnels, buildings, etc.).

Rimu2.0 provides reliable and accurate tilt compenation for RTK, and users can measure without alignment. Surveyor no longer needs to level the receiver before getting fixeds.

WiFi Hotspot X Web Server

Rova 1 is equipped with a WiFi module, which enables our computers and smartphones to connect to the receiver via hotspot. That means a lot, because we can log on RUIDE Web Server to monitor the working status and configure almost all settings of the receiver, anytime, anywhere, wirelessly.