High-accuracy Digital Level

Height Accuracy: 0.3mm
Distance Accuracy: 10mm 
Distance Range: 110m
3″ color and touch screen
USB drive, RS-232, Bluetooth


High Accuracy

0.3mm ultra-high leveling accuracy with Invar staff. Besides, the onboard N times or continuous measurements also help to improve the accuracy by averaging the values.

Time Saving

​Thanks to faster data capture, shorter time and safer means of data processing as well as built-in data storage, RL-03 can save time up to 50% when compared with conventional auto levels.

Less Man-made Error

RL-03 can measure and save the height and distance with a single press of the MEAS button, eliminating misreading and reducing operator’s eye fatigue.

Various Applications

Convenient onboard program, no need for calculator, including elevation, height difference, stake out, line leveling, etc.

Digital Bubble Leveling

Besides the two physical circular bubbles, RL-03 adopts a digital dual-bubble sensor to simulate the leveling status of the main body, reminding the user to level the instrument if the tilt exceeds +/- 12’.

Color and Touch Screen

3” color and touch screen with alpha-numeric keyboard provides an easy-to-operate experience and versatile solutions during the leveling job.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Once connected to data collector via Bluetooth, jobs can be done directly without touching the main body, avoiding any tiny error caused by the vibration of the instrument.

USB Pen Drive

Convenient data storage management. Measurement data can be directly exported to a USB pen drive, easy to be accessed by any computer.