​Comprehensive Total Station

1000m non-prism range
2″angle accuracy
Color & touch screen
Guide Light
Lightning Meas Button


Plumb Ultra

A sophisticated device integrated with laser plummet, automatically acquiring the instrument height when setting a station. Essentially eliminates the human errors by traditional way to measure the instrument height with measuring tape.


Guide light

Guide Light is an LED indicator on the EDM. By flashing in red and yellow in turn, the pole man is easy to move close to the horizontal angle of the stake out point until he can recognize both colors showing the similar intensity.

guide light.png

lightning Measure

Without looking at the screen and finding the right key on the keyboard, Lightning Measure allows you to trigger a fast distance measurement in the next second after you aim at the target, avoiding a possible shake on horizontal direction which might hapopen if you press on the keyboard.




An auto sensor of temperature and air pressure. It detects the surrounding temperature and air pressure then calculate the PPM value and correct the disctance measuring result in real time.