Cadastral Services

Cadastral Survey is a type of Land Surveying that deals with the establishment of real property boundaries. Our range of Cadastral Survey services includes surveys to create new property boundaries, subdivision surveys, or surveys for due diligence and design to precisely identify boundaries and the location of any improvements thereon these are known as Identification surveys or Title Re-establishment surveys.

Subdivision Surveying

Subdivision Surveying

The subdivision surveying is to divide one lot registered in the cadastral register into two lots or more and register. This is mainly used to sell parts of the land or transfer its ownership or get construction approval for parts of the land.

Boundary Re-alignment

Boundary Re-alignment

Boundary re-alignments provide for the adjustment of boundaries between existing registered properties. The adjustment must be of a minor nature or be a result of exchanging land with a neighbor.


Key considerations include:

The urban planning line relocation surveying is to relocate the urban and county management planning line, such as the urban planning line, onto the surface of the land. This is mainly used to check the urban planning line or setback road line when approving the construction.

Commonly referred to as boundary surveys, this type of survey is used to determine the precise location of the boundaries of an existing title. This can serve a number of purposes but is primarily used to ensure any new construction is confined to the land actually within its own title as fencing positions do not always indicate the true position of a title boundary.

The cadastral triangle supplement point surveying is to seek the location of the cadastral triangle supplement point, which will be the basis of cadastral supplementary control point surveying and cadastral detail surveying.

 Cadastral mapping services also enable the user to study additional details, such as survey district names, unique identifying numbers for parcels, certificate of title numbers, positions of existing structures, section or lot numbers and their respective areas, adjoining street Parcel and Real Estate Mapping names, selected boundary dimensions and references to prior maps.

A parcel map also known as property map and Tax map widely used in real estate sector and government sector for land tax purpose, site or postal address mapping, dividing administrative areas etc., these maps are one of the popular data sources inland departments.